2.500 years ago, Hippocrates, the founder of rational medicine, had called olive oil as the “great medication”. He used it mainly to treat the pain in the muscles, to prevent a poisoning, to heal wounds and cure stomach disorders. Moreover, in the 59 projects of the Hippocratic Collection, have been identified over sixty pharmaceutical uses of olive oil. 

Commonly believed and scientifically proven, Olive Oil has tremendous benefits both internally and externally at our body. Complex combination of ingredients protect and positively influence, (with a pursue of Mediterranean diet), our body system, our lives!

Monounsaturated Fats, decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol, preventing or lowering the risk of heart diseases. Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory benefits and also helps the joints to work smoothly. Vitamins E&K are strong antioxidants, decreasing the possibility of cancer as Beta Carotene is helping also. Additionally olive oil aids digestion progress, protecting stomach health issues.

The extra virgin olive oil is in the first line of human’s health defense. The most loyal warriors are polyphenols, the colorful vegetable substances with the antioxidant activity which shield the body and protect it against various cancers. Also, according to the International Olive Council (IOC), polyphenols help decisively to avoid heart diseases because they reduce bad cholesterol «LDL» (low density lipoproteins). Extra virgin olive oil helps to fight diabetes and delays its appearance. How it accomplishes this? Raising good cholesterol «HDL», reducing triglycerides and ensuring better control of blood sugar.

All the above incomparable characteristics give an unquestionable dietary thesaurus!