Chalkidiki Green Olives

A large attractive green olive with full long flavor in a clean fresh olive oil with fruitiness and juiciness.

Harvesting of green olives take place is September. The olives are hand picked to prevent the fruit from being injured. The olives are calibrated and are placed to barrels with brine. They remain there for 8-10 months until the bitterness takes away. Then the olives are washed and placed in smaller barrels, adding extra ingredients such as: vinegar, lemon, laurel leaves etc.

The green olives of Ormylia are a unique natural product with no pasteurization.

Awarded with Great Taste Awards 2017 – 1 Star

Chalkidiki Green olives come at four unique flavors:

Available in Glass Jars of 200g, 360g
Vacuum of 250g, 500g